More on Windows 10X’s Dynamic Wallpaper feature

We reported last month that Microsoft is working on a dynamic wallpaper feature for Windows 10X.

The wallpaper would change in appearance based on dynamic features such as the time of the day as can be seen in this mockup by the WC below:

Now WindowsLatest has revealed some more information on the feature.  According to their sources, Windows 10X will come with a mountain scene similar to above which will smoothly change over the course of the day based on the time in your time zone.

The default wallpaper will however merely be one of several, ranging from urban scenes to natural landscapes, and all variations will automatically change from dawn to dusk according to the time of day.  Natural wallpapers will have dynamic clouds, stars and even birds that appear from time to time. The level of detail will reportedly depend on the power of the device.

Microsoft is reportedly also considering allowing 3rd parties to produce and sell dynamic wallpaper via the Microsoft Store.

We should see Windows 10 X devices hit the market sometime in the second half of 2020, though Microsoft is rather notorious for missing targets, so I would expect later rather than sooner.

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