Microsoft is due to deliver a brand-new desktop operating system in 6-9 months to run new form factor laptops and tablets.

Microsoft’s Surface Neo will be running Windows 10 X, a simplified version of Windows 10 that is is easier to update, simpler to use and feature a more attractive user interface.

It appears one of those improvements will be dynamic wallpaper.

The news has bubbled up from the WC, who reports:

dynamic wallpapers … change content depending on different factors. For example, Windows 10X features a mountain-view wallpaper that has morning, afternoon, evening, and night variants that appear based on your device’s actual time. This wallpaper also seemingly has dynamic clouds that appear every so often.

The WC’s example can be seen above.

It is not clear how dynamic the wallpapers will be, though I suspect due to battery considerations, it seems unlikely that they will be very complex or interactive.

We should see Windows 10 X devices hit the market sometime in the second half of 2020, though Microsoft is rather notorious for missing targets, so I would expect later rather than sooner.