More iPhone 14 leaks reveal detailed specs

by Surur
September 8, 2021
Apple iPhone 14

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We reported earlier on a leak that purported to reveal the design of next year’s iPhone, the iPhone 14.

That suggested the main changes in the hardware design would be:

  • No camera bump.
  • Round volume buttons.
  • No notch on the front.
  • Punch hole camera on the front
  • No USB-C, regular Apple Lightning port.

Now analyst Ross Young from Display Search has gone further to reveal detailed specs of the iPhone 14 range.

As can be seen from the table, only the most expensive models, the iPhone 14 Pro  and Pro Max, will actually be notchless.  All the models will however have both Face ID and TouchID, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have variable refresh rates as slow as 1 Hz.

Young also confirmed that the iPhone Mini is dead, and that there will be no more models of the below 6 inch device.

What do our readers think about the regular iPhone still having a notch in 2022? Let us know below.

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