More HTC Leo pictures, details

by Surur
September 22, 2009



Some more pictures and information about the upcoming HTC Leo has popped up on XDA-Developers from an anonymous beta tester of the device.

Besides demonstrating that it is a monster of a device, especially compared to the HTC Hero, B3ler3fonte confirmed the device has pretty good battery life, despite its anorexic frame, lasting 1.5 days of heavy use, including (defined by him as as watching 1 hour video, 2 hours of music listening and 1 hour of web browsing with 3g on all the time and some texting). He also confirmed the device will be equipped with USB Host, just like the Toshiba TG01, which makes for some interesting netbook-like scenarios with a small USB keyboard. Unfortunately he was unable to confirm the presence of a digital compass. The camera records in VGA, and the auto-focus is pretty fast.

The million-dollar question of course is when  the device is arriving on the market, and B3ler3fonte reveals he expects it to be on sale by the end of November or early December.


22092009031a Apparently build quality is fantastic, with the battery cover being made of metal, and the other areas (arrowed) being high quality plastic.

See more pictures after the break.

22092009027 22092009029 


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Thanks Justin for the great tip.

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