More details emerge on the new free-Spotify

April 18, 2018

Last week it was reported that Spotify was planning to make some changes to its free apps for users who didn’t want to pay for premium. With a new update, we may just know what those changes are.

Spotify is rolling out some changes to select users with an updated user interface. These changes come with updates that allow users to interact with free Spotify a little more like they would do with Premium accounts.

Now, users are allowed to play certain playlists as Gold edition on-demand playlists, even if they are free users. Free Spotify users would be aware that the fir only allows users to play playlists in shuffle mode, now the firm has created two kinds of playlists. Gold edition playlists which can be played on demand or blue shuffle only playlists.

The firm has also extensively redesigned the app, making everything bolder and more colourful.

Spotify is expected to announce the changes next week, along with a potential smart speaker. Hopefully, the firm will also bring the same changes to users of its Windows 10 app.

Via The Verge.

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