More details about Andromeda, Carmel and Libra surface

June 13, 2018

Yesterday, we received reports of Microsoft’s hardware ambitions from this year into next year. and Windows Central revealed to us at least 4 new code names, including Surface Libra, Andromeda, Carmel and Capitola.

The Surface Pro 6th generation will be codenamed Carmel as we all know. The foldable Windows device some have oddly called the Surface Phone will also be making its debut this year as part of a new device ecosystem launch. Microsoft hopes to launch Andromeda with backup from OEMs, so it won’t be an isolated launch, more like a launch of a whole new form factor orchestrated with the help of multiple OEMs.

Microsoft might also be refreshing the current Surface Pro and Surface Laptop with Intel 8th generation processors as per Mary Jo Foley writing for ZDnet. It’s worth pointing out that a refresh doesn’t have to be a next-gen product and could simply be called the Surface Pro with Intel 8th Generation or something similarly long and confusing.

Also as per MJF, Microsoft is also planning to launch new Surface-branded accessories, including a new headphone.microphone device. Not much else is known, but it’s expected to be launched either this year, or next.

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