Carmel, Libra, Andromeda, Capitola – new Surface code-names for everyone

by Surur
June 12, 2018

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Today appears to be leak day, as a wave of new code-names has just surfaced for our consumption.

Mostly leaked by, they revealed at least 4 new code-names for upcoming devices, confirmed by internal documents they viewed.

Surface Pro 6 will be code-names Carmel, the new 10 inch cheaper Surface Libra, the Surface Phone is called Andromeda, and via Zac Bowden we hear the Surface Studio 2 is codenamed Capitola. We have of course also just heard of Sydney, the HoloLens 2 which is expected in early 2019.

The date of release of these other products are not known, but both the 10 inch Surface and surprisingly the Surface Phone are pencilled in for 2018, which does not leave much time to start saving your pennies.

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