Mixer streaming service brings virtual currency to the desktop and Xbox

by Surur
January 22, 2019
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Last week Mixer announced the launch of Embers, a paid virtual currency for viewers that can be spent on premium Skills, including animated Stickers and full-screen Effects.

With premium Skills, viewers can also add a custom message that will be prominently highlighted in chat. For gamers who stream on Mixer, Embers enables a new monetization way by enabling a more direct form of patronage with bigger cash rewards. Embers is different from Sparks, an already existing virtual currency on Mixer.

Read about the difference between Embers and Sparks below:

Sparks are a virtual currency that viewers earn for free, just by watching streams on Mixer; Embers are a paid virtual currency that viewers can purchase directly on Mixer. Although there are specific Skills for each currency, both Sparks and Embers will result in patronage for a partnered streamer. Embers provide a more direct form of patronage as Mixer Partners receive a fixed dollar amount per Ember spent on their channel. In contrast, Sparks spent on Mixer Partner’s channel go towards achieving Spark milestones for cash bonuses. Embers do not have weekly milestones, and do not impact Spark milestones.

Mixer Embers initially rolled out to the Mixer mobile app on Android and iOS and today came to the desktop and Xbox.


Read more about Embers at Mixer here.

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