Miracast demoed on the Nokia Lumia 630 (video)

by Surur
May 17, 2014

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imageMicrosoft launched the Nokia Lumia 630 in Hong Kong yesterday, and BlogJack managed to catch a nice new Windows Phone 8.1 feature in action.

At the event Microsoft demoed wireless projection of the screen via Miracast, as can be seen in the picture above.


The reproduction appears pretty faithful, and as can be seen in the video after the break appears pretty responsive.

Miracast no Nokia Lumia 630

The video was recorded by Windowsclub.com.br and obviously needs a Miracast-enabled TV or dongle.

What is certainly good news is that one does not need a SnapDragon 800 processor to stream TV wirelessly, and that we should be seeing the technology through most of Nokia’s new generation of devices.

Via Blogjackphone.com

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