Mini-Microsoft anonymous blogger spills the beans about Microsoft Windows Phone strategy

He calls himself “mini-Microsoft” (from “mini-me” in Austin Powers), he is mid-level manager at Microsoft, and he blogs anonymously about Microsoft stuff. In his latest revealing post he mentions some interesting points related to Windows Phone:

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  • release of Mango is indeed imminent:

    WP Mango is reaching release with Nokia devices to begin their flow

  • Office Talk for Windows Phone or “OfficeTalk for Windows Phone” app is being mentioned:

    OfficeTalk (especially via the otalk WP7 app)

  • Microsoft counts mainly on Nokia to gain market share in smartphone market:

    The Nokia partnership will be instrumental in getting a WP7 device in a lot of people’s hands

  • Microsoft is pessimistic about chances to gain market share in smartphone market:

    WP7 is a good product but as others have alluded to, MSFT is way late to the party in terms of highly functional / attractive UI / rich app eco-system smartphones. The Nokia deal only allows MSFT some hope at playing catch-up at this point

To read more, visit Microsoft Windows Phone strategy update from mini-MSFT.

Commentary: since this anonymous blogger, employee of Microsoft, is not scared of PR, he says how it is: there is hope but Microsoft is late.