Minecraft presents Vicious 6 in the new DLC update of Minions x Minecraft mash-up

There is a new challenge awaiting Minecraft fans with the launch of the new DLC update, which delivers new color to the world of Minions x Minecraft mash-up. This will allow players to play as Gru and encounter the vicious antagonists from Illumination’s Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Players can enjoy doing Gru’s crazy antics and stuff to become the world’s biggest super-villain. By collecting your minions (and directing them) and some useful gadgets like Plasma Jelly Launchers, you can start your tasks and fill up your villain-o-meter.

Of course, what is an adventure without your foes? With that, Illumination and Minecraft introduce villains worse than Gru – the Vicious 6, composed of Jean Clawed, Nunchuk, Svengeance, Stronghold, and Belle Bottom. Gru will face the characters in the Zodiac forms as they arrive heavily armed with huge weapons and dangerous Zodiac capabilities.

This DLC update includes the free in-game Minion hoodie in the Dressing Room. Those who already have the Minions x Minecraft mash-up can now have the update to try this new item and a lot more surprises. And for those who still don’t have the DLC, it is available at the Minecraft Marketplace.

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