Minecraft Live 2022 announcement highlights

October 17, 2022

Minecraft Live 2022 was something that a fan of the sandbox game wouldn’t want to miss. And during its stream last week, we heard a bunch of new announcements, making the wait for its future updates more exciting. And if you missed the two-hour-long stream (or if you don’t have the intention to watch the replay), here is a short recap we prepared for you.

camel mob in Minecraft 1.20 update

Minecraft 1.20 is arriving, though Mojang Studios still hasn’t announced the official name that it will give to it. Nonetheless, there seems to be a good intention for this. According to the Minecraft team, it would first ensure that expectations would be met before they release the name before the launch, which means the title would depend on how successful the plans of the studio would be executed. And despite the absence of the title, the Minecraft team shared that the update would focus on “self-expression, representation, and storytelling.” The group also said it would gradually share more details about the update. And at the event, some were already spilled, including the upcoming camel mob, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, and crafting capability using bamboo.

On the other hand, while the date of Minecraft 1.20 is still undetermined, the team confirmed the arrival of the action strategy game Minecraft Legends in Spring 2023. The team also teased Minecraft fans by showing a trailer, and a 4 player co-op live gameplay demo of the game during the event. Through the Legends Overworld tour the team provided, we also witnessed the first speaking mobs, the three hosts called Knowledge, Action, and Foresight.

7 new Minecraft skins: Makena, Kai, Ari, Zuri, Sunny, Efe, and Noor

Fans will also wish for November to end rapidly even though it hasn’t started yet. Well, that’s because on November 29, new default skins will arrive on Minecraft, freeing us from the limited choice between Alex and Steve. Even more, we are not just talking about one, two, or three new skins: there will be a total of seven! As per the team, the new default skins are Makena, Kai, Ari, Zuri, Sunny, Efe, and Noor, with the latter three present in The Wild Update trailers.

Minecraft Dungeons Season 3: Fauna Faire

Prior to those things, Minecraft Dungeon fans will receive an early Halloween treat this month in the form of the Spooky Fall that will last from October 26 to November 9. The Minecraft team said it would offer the Hungriest Horror Armor set and the free Cloaked Armor Set in the Minecraft Marketplace to celebrate the season. Additionally, the team teased us with the new multiplayer mode that will soon arrive in the Tower mission while it announced that Season 3: Fauna Faire would launch on October 19. At the said date, fans will encounter new flairs, pets, skins, emotes, and free content like Phantom Familiar.

Batman DLC

And speaking of content, Minecraft Marketplace will be offering new DLC titles for you to explore, including the Batman DLC. It will be available on October 18 and give you a taste of Gotham City, featuring different iconic locations like the Batcave, Wayne Tower, and the Monarch Theater. And, of course, what is the sense of having a Batman DLC without the villains? With this, you can also expect to encounter different characters like Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn in the DLC. Minecraft also stressed that alongside the release of Batman DLC tomorrow, all five of the Frozen Planet maps in the Frozen Planet II DLC would also launch.

mob voting winner sniffer

Finally, as reported last Friday, fans were asked to participate in the mob voting featuring three contenders — the sniffer, the tuff golem, and the rascal. And before the event ended, the result with 3.5 million votes from different individuals globally was announced, saying the new mob joining the game would be the sniffer, a once-extinct creature that would help players find ancient seeds they can grow into different decorative plants.

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