Minecraft Live is on October 15; Mob voting is now open

October 14, 2022

The live show streams of Minecraft Live 2022 will be on Saturday, October 15, and air on Minecraft’s official YouTube channel and Minecraft.net/live. And aside from the anticipated exclusive updates and live gameplay expected on the day of the event, Minecraft will announce the result of its mob voting.

Minecraft announced the respective schedules of the shows according to the different locations of fans, including those from Stockholm (6 PM CEST), London (5 PM BST), New York (12 PM EDT), Seattle (9 AM PDT), São Paulo (1 PM BRT), Tokyo (1 AM JST – OCT 16), and Sydney (3AM AEDT – OCT 16). Mojang also said it would broadcast the show in different languages, including Korean, German, Spanish (ES), Spanish (MX), French, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic. There will also be dedicated streamings offering ASL and audio descriptions.

Starting today, fans can already participate in the mob voting, but note that it will only be available until October 15 at noon EDT. This year, those participating can choose from three mob contenders: the sniffer, the rascal, and the tuff golem.

Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Tuff Golem!

Minecraft posted respective videos on YouTube showcasing and explaining the nature and features of the mobs. Tuff golem is a block-high (though you could stack them) statue mob that goes alive, walks around, and then freezes after returning to the spot where you placed it. It can hold an item or nothing at all, but it will pick up the first dropped item it finds.

Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Rascal!

The second mob is the mischievous rascal that loves to play Hide and Seek in the mines. It adds fun to the game, as finding the same rascal three times will grant you a gift. Last is the sniffer, an extinct mob, which will be in the form of eggs you need to get from underwater chests. Hatching it on land gives you a sniffer that will sniff seeds out of the ground, which is its own form of gift to you.

Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Sniffer!

“This year, the vote has moved to Minecraft.net, the launcher, and a special carnival-themed Bedrock map,” explains Mojang’s Sofia Dankis in a blog post. “To make sure the process stays safe and fair, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account to cast your vote.”

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