Minecraft Dungeons’ Jungle Awakens DLC due out in July

by Ash
May 30, 2020
minecraft dungeons jungle awakens

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The first of Minecraft Dungeons‘ two DLC packs is due out in July, with Jungle Awakens letting players fight their way through a perilous jungle to defeat the big bad and uncover the treasures within.

As per the official Minecraft Blog, Jungle Awakens will allow players to “enter a distant, dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power in three new missions. To defeat the terrors hidden among the vines, you’ll have new weapons, armor, and artifacts at your disposal.”

The Jungle Awakens DLC will also introduce the Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, and Poison Quill Vine amongst others. The Minecraft blog warns that their “social skills are lacking though, so gear up.”

That’s not all, though – the second Minecraft Dungeons DLC pack has also been revealed, with Creeping Winter officially set to arrive in-game later this year.

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Minecraft Dungeons is out now on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and is also included in Xbox Game Pass for Console, for PC, and Ultimate.

If you’re not a Game Pass user, you’ll find that the base version of Minecraft Dungeons retails for a nice $19.99. The Hero Edition, which contains both the base game and the Hero Pass upgrade, is going for $29.99. You can also buy the Hero Pass Upgrade separately for $9.99.

The Hero Pass contains a Hero Cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet, along with the two DLC expansions for Minecraft Dungeons outlined above.

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