Minecraft Dungeons’ Echoing Void DLC launches July 28th

July 13, 2021
Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void

Minecraft has unveiled Minecraft Dungeons‘ latest DLC titled Echoing Void, which takes players to The End in what could be the final DLC for the game.

In Echoing Void, players will venture into Minecraft’s endgame, fittingly titled The End, where you’ll end the illager story arc that’s been progressing throughout the base game and past DLC’s. 

It’s not been officially confirmed that this will be the last DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, but Echoing Void will at least be the “conclusion to the story we’ve been following for over a year,” according to the Minecraft Blog post

After this, it’s unclear if there will be additional stories and saga’s that unfold in Minecraft Dungeons future content if there indeed is any. 

As with previous DLC’s, there will also be a free update available to all Minecraft Dungeons players which introduce new powerful enchantments, as well as a new Gauntlet of Gales mission which will test your skill through “tricky trials and perplexing puzzles” in its maze-like design. 

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The Echoing Void DLC will launch this year on July 28th alongside a brand new version of the Minecraft Dungeons called the Ultimate Edition. This new edition will feature the base game as well as all six DLC’s, including Echoing Void, at a lower price than if purchased separately.

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