Microsoft’s Your Phone app to get a massive upgrade with some great features

by Surur
March 8, 2019

Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to get instant access to your phone’s photos, texts, and more on your Windows 10 PC.

Now a hacker has managed to leak the upcoming arrival of a long-awaited feature – the ability to mirror your smartphone screen directly, allowing you to view and manipulate your phone beyond the capabilities of the app itself.

Leaked by Ajith on Twitter, the text description of the feature notes:

Use your phone from your PC
Bring your phone’s screen to the Your Phone app and control all your apps from your PC. You can use your mouse and keyboard to help you interact.

As mentioned earlier, the feature automatically makes the Your Phone app a lot more powerful, allowing you to see more than your 25 most recent photos for example or use messaging apps beyond text messages.

Microsoft is also looking to test a notification mirroring feature, though this, of course, is already available via Cortana.

The feature will, however, keep the intrusive notifications in the app only rather than your Action Centre, and unlike the Cortana notification mirroring, dismissing them in the app will dismiss them on your phone.

The features, if stable should reach regular users in the coming months.

In the meantime, you can download the latest version from Microsoft Store here.

Price: Free

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