Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android app spotted in the Store

by Surur
September 3, 2021
Microsoft Windows 11 Android apps

We recently heard that Microsoft will be shipping Windows 11 without support for Android apps, as the company was still working on the technology.

Today reliable leaker WalkingCat discovered the app which will be hosting the environment in the Microsoft Store.

The Windows Subsystem for Android app appears to be a stub to download the full environment from Microsoft and Microsoft is urging testers to “Pease do not take screenshots or communicate about the content.

Microsoft Windows 11 Android apps

Microsoft will be offering Android apps from the Amazon Store, but while the technology has potential, the Windows Subsystem for Android will not support every app in the Store, and it remains to be seen how impactful the feature will be.

One interesting discovery in the app was the system requirements which suggests the WSA will support the Xbox One. Another is that 16 GB of RAM is recommended for good performance, which is still not the baseline for most consumer laptops.

The Windows Subsystem for Android app can be seen in the Store here.

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