Microsoft’s Windows Core OS is real, and here is another proof

by Rahul
August 13, 2019

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WCOS, short for Windows Core OS, is the stripped-down, modular version of Windows that Microsoft intends to use to power the next generation of their devices such as the long-rumored Surface PC, which has a fascinating codename — Centaurus. While the existence of Core OS has been confirmed multiple times by sources close to the development of the Core OS, there are people who hold the view that Core OS is never going to be materialized and that it will meet the same fate as Andromeda.

Meanwhile, Windows Core OS got another mention on LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned employment-oriented site. This time around, what we got is just the mention of WCOS and nothing beyond that. WindowsLatest discovered a LinkedIn profile, which as per the description in the profile, appears to be of a Microsoft software engineer named John Falcone. Below is an excerpt of the Bio as described by John.

I have worked in the Operating System Group on Universal Windows Platform apps that are part of all Windows Platforms and Windows Core OS (WCOS).

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not the first time we are seeing mention of WCOS online. A Linked profile of a Microsoft engineer earlier talked about the security part of the yet-to-announced OS. Another LinkedIn post described how Microsoft is going to run Win32 apps safely on WCOS. An updated action for the new operating system also got leaked online a few days ago.

Rumor also has it that WCOS will have support for Android apps.  Microsoft’s Windows Core OS is rumored to see the daylight sometime in 2020.

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