Microsoft’s working on an updated Action Centre for Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS -the modular version of Windows for devices- is getting an updated Action Center.

On his LinkedIn profile, Boliang Dai, Software Engineer at Microsoft, subtly revealed that work is being carried out on the platform.

When listing his roles as Software Engineer on Windows Shell, he included “Develop the Windows Core OS (WCOS) variation of Action Center”-suggesting we could see an updated version in the near future.

Of course, we know that Windows Core OS is merely the kernel of the operating system, and the Action Centre would be part of the shell.

Microsoft is believed to be working on one main alternative shell- Santorini for dual-screen laptops, with other shells like Polaris and Andromeda being cancelled.

We have already seen that Santorini will feature a new Start Menu; though the specific changes that are to come with the new action centre are still to be revealed.

Source: Windowslatest

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