Microsoft’s Windows 11 Teams Share button is very cool, but is Teams integration going too far?

by Surur
November 10, 2021

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Microsoft introduced a really cool new feature in Windows 11 Preview Build 22499, with users now able to quickly and easily share the open window of an app via Microsoft Teams.

The feature would work via an addition to the app preview pop-up, with Microsoft saying it eliminates the need to flip back and forth across applications just to share or reshare a window.

The new feature joins the recently introduced Teams mute button on the taskbar, and of course the integration of Teams chat into the taskbar.


Such a high level of integration into a product which is quite tangential to Windows 11 should of course ring alarm bells, with the move reminiscent of Microsoft building Internet Explorer into Windows 98.

Microsoft is already facing an antitrust complaint in the EU around bundling Office and Microsoft Teams, and it seems likely bundling Windows 11 and Teams will soon be added to the list.

From a user point of view, the new features are of course very cool, if you are also a Teams user. If you are not however such a level of integration of a product you do not use may come across as burdensome and a waste of resources.

Do our readers agree that Microsoft is sailing a bit close to the wind, and are in danger of repeating their mistakes from 20 years ago? Let us know below.

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