Microsoft’s brand-new Xbox Wireless Adapter gets delayed by 6 months

Microsoft is delaying the launch of its brand-new Xbox Wireless Adapter in the United States and Canada. Redmond announced the new Xbox Wireless Adapter earlier this month. The main big difference in the new Xbox Wireless Adapter is it’s smaller size — in fact, it’s a whopping 66% smaller than the original design, and it also now supports up to 8 controllers, 2 headsets with stereo, and 4 regular headsets.

Microsoft isn’t delaying the launch of the new Xbox Wireless Adapter by a few weeks — instead, it’s being delayed by 6 months. The new adapter was supposed to launch last week, but it’s now shipping on January 31, 2018. What’s more, you can no longer pre-order the adapter in the United States and Canada as it is now listed as “Not Available” on the Microsoft Store.

The 6-month delay is certainly quite mysterious. We usually don’t get to see such big delays when it comes to new hardware from Microsoft and it is yet to reveal the exact reason behind the delay. Interestingly, the new Xbox Wireless Adapter is still set to launch on the 24th of August in Japan, and it’ll also launch earlier in some countries like Australia and New Zealand where it is set for a September 2017 launch. As for countries in Europe, there’s no details as to when the new Wireless Adapter will be available there.

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