The impending End of Life of Windows 7 has given the PC market a massive boost in the last quarter of 2019 and today Microsoft’s FY Q2 2020 financial report we see the corresponding boost in OS sales, with strong growth in the sales of Windows.

Windows OEM revenue grew 18%, ahead of PC market growth that was impacted in the prior year by chip supply constraints.

Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 26% with continued momentum in advance of Windows 7 end of support and healthy Windows 10 demand, in addition to the benefit from the low prior year comparable.

Windows OEM non-Pro revenue increased 4%, as the benefit from the low prior year comparable and the timing of license
purchases more than offset continued pressure in the entry-level category.

Windows Commercial products and cloud services revenue grew 25% (up 27% CC) driven by an increase in Microsoft 365
agreements, which carry higher in-quarter revenue recognition.

In total the More Personal Computing segment revenue grew 2%, but profit was boosted a massive 41% (45% CC) YoY.

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