Microsoft’s official roadmap site suggests Extensions no longer coming to Windows 10 Mobile

by Surur
July 13, 2016


We reported in May that Microsoft’s roadmap site was promising to develop Edge Extensions for Windows 10 Mobile (below).


Microsoft is already delivering Edge Extensions on Windows 10, but it appears Microsoft has updated their Roadmap site to remove its reference to Windows 10 Mobile (below).

edge extensions

Extensions in Windows 10 Mobile was always iffy, due to limited resources and user interface restrictions. In fact at Build 2015 Microsoft stated that the company does not plan on bringing Extensions to Mobile initially. I could be that original roadmap contained a mistake, or that plans have later changed.

Extensions on mobile have recently become popular due to the rise of ad blockers for mobile browsers. Its absence on mobile will therefore certainly be felt on Windows 10 Mobile, particularly in Continuum mode.

Will our readers miss this feature? Let us know below.

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