Microsoft’s M12 invests in AnyVision, a leading facial recognition startup

June 20, 2019

Microsoft’s M12 has invested in AnyVision, a leading computer vision startup based in Israel. AnyVision develops face, body, and object-recognition software that make all cameras smart. They also develop technology for security and surveillance, mobile authentication, access control, and real-world analytics. AnyVision now has customers in more than 45 countries, including state and local police departments, casinos, airports and stadiums.

“We are fortunate to have the backing of chipmakers like Qualcomm, camera manufacturers such as Bosch, and now cloud service providers like Microsoft through M12’s investment. We have the optimal combination of industrial validation and financial horsepower to become the leader in this industry,” said Eylon Etshtein, AnyVision’s CEO and Co-founder.

According to Bloomberg, AnyVision spent a few weeks ensuring that the policies governing the use of its facial recognition technology met the ethical standards of Microsoft.

Source: Anyvision

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