Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Spring Creators Update RTM candidate may have its own serious bug

by Surur
April 19, 2018

Microsoft has been having some trouble getting the Spring Creators Update to end users, with the last candidate, Build 17133, having issues with BSOD. This was replaced with 17134, which is currently being rested by Windows 10 Insiders.

Unfortunately, it appears those Insiders may have uncovered a serious issue. It appears for many users, when they attempt to change the default apps in Settings, the Settings app itself crashes.

For those affected the issue appears reproducible, by starting Settings, navigate to Apps > Default apps > Set defaults by app and click on on “Set defaults by app.”  At this point, if you are affected, the Settings app will crash.

The issue appears wide-spread with many users reporting problems on Reddit. Microsoft has asked affected users submit a trace via the Feedback Hub.

While Insiders on this occasion caught the bug, the whole issue around the delay in releasing the W10 SCU does draw into question whether Insiders are enough to ship a high-quality operating system update.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

Via WindowsLatest., gif source Reddit

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