Microsoft’s 2015 “Windows Mobile” dumb phone leaks for the first time



In 2015 a Microsoft Mobile handset code-named the RM-1182 was certified in Indonesia.


That device was assumed to be a low-end Windows Phone, but it turns out it was even less intelligent, being, in fact, a dumb phone but with a twist – a UI styled on Windows Mobile.

Now the handset, which can be seen above, has been leaked to the WC, who has given us a look at this throw-back to a bygone era.

They note the handset would have been the first with the Microsoft branding, with all the other dumb phones till then having the Nokia brand.

The handset featured Live Tiles (which could be rearranged and have their accent colour adjusted), a notification centre and Microsoft Account integration and synced your contacts, calendar, email and more.

Built-in apps included Phone, SMS, Contacts, Photos, Camera, Alarms, Files, Outlook Mail and Calendar, GroupMe, and OneNote. It also had a web browser which appeared to be a version of Opera Mini.

It also included some games, including Spider-Man Ultimate, Asphalt, and a few others.

Hardware wise it had a 2.5-inch screen and 1.92 MP camera, plus a 1200mAh battery.

Like many other Windows Phones, the handset was cancelled before release in 2016. In some ways, this was a pity, as the device appears like it would have delivered a great on-ramp to Microsoft services for the millions of users who still prefer not to use smartphones.

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