Microsoft adds new Xbox Accessibility Guidelines for new releases

February 17, 2021
Xbox Accessibility Guidelines

Microsoft has announced that there will be a new Xbox Accessibility Guidelines for new releases on Xbox devices.

Announced in an Xbox press release, the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines have been designed to help developers create more accessible games for release on Microsoft’s gaming platforms.

Senior Program Manager of Gaming Accessibility Brannon Zahand explained that developers can now send in their Xbox console or PC games for analysis. Xbox will then explain potential issues that some players might face with submitted games.

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Gamers with disabilities will be an integral part of the testing process to provide authentic and helpful information for developers. All issues found in a title will receive a full report of reproducible issues.

“We are continuing to take feedback from developers as well as the Gaming & Disability Community. It’s important for us to ensure we are constantly improving and raising the bar for inclusive gaming. This is just a single point in that journey,” Zahand said.

Xbox’s continued focus on helping disabled gamers to continue their hobbles is the next step after introducing their Xbox Adaptive Controller. The award winning accessibility controller has already helped thousands of gamers to experience games in ways they otherwise couldn’t.

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