Microsoft works with Zero Latency on free roaming VR platform

Zero Latency specializes in multiplayer free-roam VR (FRVR) experiences which allow up to 8 players to roam untethered in a VR game facility using VR headsets, backpacks, surround-sound headphones and microphones, and simulated weapons/game controllers.

The company has now announced a collaboration with Microsoft, HP, and Intel to help create the next generation of the Zero Latency platform. The partners will not only provide new technology such as software and hardware but also marketing assistance to help broaden Zero Latency’s global reach.

“Microsoft is excited by the transformational experiences virtual reality enables and by how Zero Latency is expanding VR’s footprint using location-based entertainment,” said Yancey Smith, Senior Director of Mixed Reality Commercial Solutions at Microsoft. “We look forward to working with them to reach customers with experiences based on Mixed Reality headsets and our cloud-based services, and working with them to expand to new markets.”

HP said Zero Latency will be showcasing their VR hardware, while Intel will contribute its NUC VR mini-PC platform.

Zero Latency has five games currently available to play in Zero Latency arenas, with another player-vs-player game on the way. The Zero Latency VR platform is installed in 24 Zero Latency arenas in 13 countries, across 4 continents.

Read more and find a location of one of their arenas at their website here.