Microsoft is working on a business app store named ‘AppSource’


1, 2016

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft is working on a business app store named ‘AppSource’. AppSource website was available Tuesday night at (pointed out by WalkingCat) for a brief period of time. According to the information that was available on it, AppSource will allow anyone to find the right Microsoft platform based app for their business needs. You can filter our apps by category, industry and Product. For example, once can filter out for various collaboration tools built on top of Office 365 that serves financial services industry. Our guess is that Microsoft will reveal this tool in their upcoming Worldwide Partner Conference.

Also, partners who want to list their app in AppSource should offer a free trial. And their app should integrate with Azure Active Directory, for identity and authentication. Also similar to consumer application stores, Microsoft will review the apps before publishing to AppSource.

Microsoft already has something similar to AppSource. Microsoft Pinpoint connects you with Microsoft recommended solution providers that can provide you with applications and technology solutions for your unique business needs. While Pinpoint gives you the solution provider names, AppSource will give you the app names from these solution providers.

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