Microsoft wont support Windows 11 running on devices powered by Apple M1 Chip



You can already run Windows 11 pretty well on a Mac using the Parallels emulator, but if you were hoping to run it on the bare metal Microsoft has bad news for you.

Windows 11 on a PC with an Apple M1 “is not a supported scenario,” Microsoft told the Register. Microsoft did not say what this would mean in practice, but when it comes to other unsupported processor platforms Microsoft has confirmed that the installation will not receive any updates.

Currently, the only way to get a Windows 11 on ARM image is via the Windows 11 Insider program, and Microsoft has already confirmed that it will become stricter on the platforms the programme will support.

Parallels have already said they will be officially supporting the OS in Windows 11, so the $99 software seems the best way to use Microsoft’s latest OS on your Mac.

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