Microsoft With Other Companies Support AT&T,T-Mobile Merger


7, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

Microsoft along with Research in Motion, Yahoo, Oracle, Qualcomm, Facebook and more have supported AT&T & T-Mobile merger. These companies have recommended FCC to accept the deal. Here is the reason they have mentioned in the letter,

AT&T ’s acquisition of T-Mobile represents a near term means of addressing the rising consumer demand. For example, the merged company will be able to leverage a larger network of cell sites allowing greater reuse of spectrum and increasing the wireless broadband capacity of the network. Furthermore, AT&T has indicated that it will migrate the T-Mobile network to LTE technology and offer LTE-based wireless broadband to 97.3 percent of the U.S.population. AT&T has stated that its LTE deployment will bring
significant benefits to residents of rural areas and smaller communities, where the benefits of real-time video and similar capabilities are most urgently needed to fill gaps in physical infrastructure for healthcare,education, and other social needs.

Microsoft and AT&T share a very good relationship with partnerships in Windows Phones, Cloud and IPTV services as opposed to Verizon. Hope this merger puts an end to the AT&T networks issues soon. Full document after the break.

via: zdnet

Microsoft et al Letter Backing AT&T-T-Mobile Deal


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