Microsoft publishes Windows Subsystem for Android guidance for developers



Microsoft Windows 11 Android apps

Microsoft today published developer documents related to Windows Subsystem for Android. Windows Subsystem for Android enables Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available in the Amazon Appstore.

When a user installs the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store or installs an Android or Amazon app from the Microsoft Store for the first time, Microsoft Store will automatically install Windows Subsystem for Android (running Android 11) silently in the background. The Amazon Appstore will be offering a curated catalogue of Android apps.

Microsoft also confirmed that Android apps running on Windows 11 can be freely resized. These apps should be responsive in their resizing, and can be snapped using Windows actions/gestures.

Developers interested in submitting Android apps for Windows 11 can check out the guide below.

Source: Microsoft

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