Microsoft: Windows Phone outselling iPhone in 10 "big" countries

turner_wpc3While some find it unbelievable that Windows Phone could pose a threat to the iPhone, Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner revealed today at WPC 2013 that the OS has continued to advance on the second biggest mobile ecosystem, and that Windows Phone now outsells the iPhone in ‘10 "big" countries’.

Last we heard a similar statement it was in March, when Microsoft said Windows Phone was outselling the iPhone in 7 markets and Blackberry in 26.

He said Microsoft was "finding its rhythm in phones" and repeated recent statements that Windows Phone was the  "number 3 phone OS on the planet" and was growing at a rate 6 times faster than the rest of the smartphone platforms.

He repeated the recent news that large Russian mobile operator MTS abandoning the iPhone for Windows Phone,  noting . "[Apple] was demanding too much, and the Windows Phone’s popularity helped them understand they don’t need the iPhone.”

He said Windows devices and mobile apps were 18-to-24 months behind where he wants it to be but it is "catching up,” and acknowledged Microsoft was a "distant third" in the smartphone race, but said Microsoft will "keep fighting and keep after it and make sure we get the share we need to drive."

He noted that competition is a test of will and that great competitors refuse to lose, saying  "We have high respect but no fear of competitors….we are doubling down and making sure we are fighting and evangelizing our story."

Turner concluded that Microsoft would delivering innovation faster than anyone can embrace it and that the company’s new fiscal year, which began July 1, will be the biggest year of innovation in its 38-year history.

His statements suggests Q2 2013 will turn out to have been pretty good for Windows Phone, and the next year, as already previewed by their “Enterprise Feature Pack” will be even better.