Windows 365 cloud PC will only support certain features on iOS, Android and the web

July 14, 2021
Microsoft Windows 365

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Microsoft Windows 365

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the Windows 365 Cloud PC, a new cloud service that will allow organizations to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 on any device from the cloud. Windows 365 can be accessed from any device including your Mac, iPad, Linux PC, and an Android device, but the experience will be different based on the platform. For example, USB and multi-monitor support are available only when accessed from a Windows desktop. You can find the full list of Windows 365 features that are supported on different platforms below.

Features Windows desktop Store client Android iOS/iPadOS macOS Web
Keyboard X X X X X X
Mouse X X X X* X X
Touch X X X X X
Serial port X
Teams AV Redirection X
Multi-media redirection Coming soon
Multi-monitor 16 monitors
Dynamic resolution X X X X
Screen capture protection X
Cameras X X X X
Start menu integration X
Clipboard X X Text Text, images X text
Local drive/storage X X X X
Accessibility X
Location X
Microphones X X Coming soon X X In preview
Printers X X (CUPS only) PDF print
Scanners X
Smart Cards X X
Speakers X X X X X X

Source: Microsoft

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