Microsoft will ship Windows 11 SKUs in light mode by default


23, 2021

Microsoft Windows 11 PC

Last week, we reported that Microsoft might ship Windows 11 with dark mode theme by default. Microsoft spokesperson today reached out to us to clarify that all Windows 11 SKUs will ship with light mode by default. However, OEMs can choose to ship their device with dark mode default configuration. As always, user can easily switch between dark mode and light mode from Settings app.

We are aware that inaccurate information about Windows 11 shipping in dark mode on by default to all commercial SKUs was recently shared and apologize for the confusion. As with all of our products, we will continue listening to customer feedback to ensure Windows 11 meets customers’ needs, wherever they are in their computing journey.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has included brand new default themes for both dark and light mode to make Windows feel the way you want it to.

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