Microsoft will reportedly bring Windows 10X’s containers to Windows 10 in future update

by Surur
May 22, 2020
Microsoft Surface Neo 2 Windows 10X

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Microsoft recently admitted that they did not have the resources to bring Windows 10X to the market this year. While Microsoft said they COVID-19 crisis has caused them to re-prioritise, we have heard rumours that obstacles created by the new technology was simple insurmountable.

Those related in particular to the Win32 container technology in Windows 10X, which would let users run unmanaged desktop software on a very managed operating system. Reportedly major performance and compatibility issues with existing applications meant the OS was not in any state to be released.

Now WindowsLatest reports, from their sources, that Microsoft plans to continue development of Win32 Containers, but on Windows 10, bringing the technology wholesale to the mainstream operating system

The feature will reportedly be released as a security option to run applications, allowing Microsoft to improve compatibility in an actual production environment.

The feature is expected to come to Windows 10 Insiders first well before being deployed to mainstream users.

This approach seems relatively sensible and should allow Microsoft to collect a lot of data while giving Windows 10 users another option to run somewhat untrusted applications.

Given the direction of the technology transfer, should Microsoft simply abandon Windows 10X and move Windows 10 to the same model of convenience, safety and reliability? Let us know below.

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