Microsoft wants the Windows Spell Checker to be Chrome’s default on Windows


4, 2019

Microsoft is continuing to embrace and extend Google’s Chromium rendering engine.

The latest addition is adding support for the native Windows Spell Checker in Chromium. Chromium currently uses Hunspell, a spell checker also used in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

The change is not trivial, with the commit reading:

“We need to implement platform agnostic interfaces to integrate windows spellchecker into Chromium. We also need to refactor some code to enable runtime switch between Windows spellchecker and hunspell spellchecker,” Microsoft noted in the commit.

“After these steps, we enabled Windows Spellcheck Services integration and also achieved runtime switch between platform spellchecker and hunspell spellchecker for windows platform.”

Despite all this work the flag is already available in the latest Chrome Canary build.

Flipping the switch does not appear to make much of a difference at present, but we can assume that Microsoft’s own spell checker should be better than Google’s 3rd party one when fully implemented.

What do our readers think of Microsoft’s increasing inroads into Chromium? Let us know below.

Via WindowsLatest

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