Microsoft vows to meet Xbox One X demand after initial stock sells out in hours

The Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition went up for preorder on Sunday and since then the response has been incredible. It’s sold out on Amazon and the retailer can barely keep them in stock. In just a few days the total sales of the Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition have eclipsed the PlayStation 4 Pro too. This is surprising given how Sony touts the millions of consoles sold each year and how they have an 8-month lead when it comes to the PlayStation 4 Pro in 2017. However, what does this mean in terms of sales? Just how many units were available? Speaking with Rocket Beans on YouTube, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg said:

“We sold out at Amazon I think in 25 minutes. We expected our total inventory to last about a week and it sold out in less than a day, so…We don’t share the amount of inventory, but the Project Scorpio Edition was for those core fans, the people that used to line up in front of the stores…We knew they would be digitally preordering that and we wanted to make a special edition just for them. It’s nice to see the response.”

Well, what if you want to buy an Xbox One X come the holiday season? Well, Microsoft has you covered. Greenberg added, “We’re gonna make as many Xbox One Xs as we can make. All the signs are that it’s gonna be the number one hit product of this holiday, so we’re gonna keep up with demand the best that we can.” This is great news for those who don’t want to pay ten times the price on eBay. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to deliver on this promise unlike Nintendo who are notorious for their ability to manage inventory.

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