Microsoft Visual Studio Code becomes the default development environment at Facebook

November 20, 2019
Visual Studio Code

Facebook yesterday announced that it has selected Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code as its default development environment inside the company. Before moving to VS Code, Facebook had its own development environment called Nuclide. Now, Facebook is migrating Nuclide functionality to Visual Studio Code and also building extensions to improve Facebook’s development workflow.

Even though Facebook developers will have Visual Studio Code installed locally on laptops, most of the development is done directly on individually-reserved development servers. So, VS Code should access code on these servers in a seamless way. To support this need, Facebook has developed remote development extensions for VS Code internally. Facebook yesterday announced that it will be sharing usage of their remote development extensions with Microsoft and also will help Microsoft to further improve native remote development extensions for VS Code.

To help Microsoft enhance its product offering, we have provided input through our experience and expertise supporting remote development for Nuclide. And Microsoft has now created such a robust remoting experience, it has allowed us to move off our own custom solution. We’re also excited that the remote development capabilities added by Microsoft are available as extensions for anyone using Visual Studio Code.

Now that Visual Studio Code has become an established part of Facebook’s development future, it will be interesting to see the next big organization that will switch to VS Code.

Source: Facebook

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