Microsoft updates Skype for iOS with new Siri and CallKit integration


Earlier this week Microsoft rolled out Skype support for SMS Relay on Windows 10 and promised CallKit integration for their Skype for Business app on iOS, now the firm is rolling out an update for their consumer iPhone and iPad apps to take advantage of Apple’s newest software hooks.

With the newest Skype for iOS, you can now use Siri to call your friends and family. It’s no longer locked to Apple’s own proprietary services due to new Apis implemented in iOS 10. Aside from that, Skype is also making it easier for you to never miss a notification via integration with Apple’s CallKit hooks which make it seamless for an app to integrate with the native dialer and phone UI, so your Skype calls show up just like regular phone calls on your iOS10 enabled device.

In terms of making it easier to connect with people, Microsoft ‘s Skype is now integrated directly into the iOS contacts app, so you can start a call or Skype IM without needing to open the Skype app first.ios-10-4-cropped-768x369

Finally, Microsoft is now letting users pay with Israeli Shekels for Skype credit – improving the usability of Skype credits for people who use that currency.

  •  Use Siri commands to quickly start a Skype call.
  •  Answer Skype calls from your lock screen, just like a regular phone call.
  •  Seamlessly store your Skype contacts into the contacts list built into your iPhone .
  •  Pay for Skype Credit in Israeli Shekels.
  • Invite your friends to Skype directly from the contacts list.
  •  More easily differentiate between your contacts and bots in the contacts list.

Get Skype for iOS here.