Microsoft updates its OneDrive for Business roadmap


At the recent Microsoft Cloud Roadshow, Microsoft’s Aaron Rimmer revealed a slide showing what’s to come for the software giant’s OneDrive for Business service.


In Q1 2016, expect:

  • PDF annotation support for Android
  • Drive discovery and recent files view in browser client
  • Windows 8.1 support for Next-Gen Sync
  • Streamlined Microsoft Account creation
  • Outlook Mobile iOS integration
for users, and for IT:
  • DLP support for mobile apps
  • Deny list of file types for sync
  • Customer Location
  • Auditing and Actuity Reporting
For Q2 2016, users can expect:
and for IT users:
  • Link encryption IT controls
  • Data retention settings for deleted users
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention) custom classifications
  • Bandwidth throttling controls for sync
  • External sharing domain allow/deny list
Lastly, Microsoft revealed a list of features that they are committed to deploying, but have no specific timeframe, and these include:
  • Sync of shared folders
  • Sync of SharePoint document libraries
  • Notifications
  • SharePoint on-prem support for iOS
  • Android access to SharePoint Online files”Shared by Me” view
for users, and for IT:
  • Removal of #, % blocked characters
  • Max path length increase
  • Differential and RMS sync support
  • IT insights reporting
  • AAD (Azure Active Directory) Conditional access for NGSC (Next Generation Sync Client)
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