Microsoft updates Feedback Hub with Language Switcher

Microsoft is adding a new feature to the Feedback Hub which allows Windows users to browse and give feedback in a different language from the one their OS is currently running in.

Writing on Reddit, Microsoft developer Devin Sinha writes:

Some of our top requests were to be able to switch languages in Feedback Hub to English if your OS was not in English.

For instance, some people said their OS language is in German, so they by default see German feedback. However, they speak English as well, and want to participate in the EN-US feedback hub, so we’ve built the ability to toggle your language to English or search English feedback even if your OS version is not English.

This is bound to be a useful feature, particularly in smaller markets, though I am surprised users are not able to switch to arbitrary markets rather than only US-English.

This feature is available to Windows Insider in the Fast Ring for now, and if there are no major issues will roll out to everyone else in short order.