Microsoft Translator brings cutting-edge research advances into production

Early this year, Microsoft Research announced that its new machine translation system can translate sentences of news articles from Chinese to English with the same quality and accuracy as a person. It was the first time a machine translation system had achieved human parity.

Yesterday, Microsoft Translator announced that it is bringing some of these cutting-edge research advances into production. As a result, users can get improved translation quality on Chinese and German from and to English. Based on their internal tests, Microsoft saw up to 11% improvement in overall quality. Below are some examples of the improved quality for Chinese and German, to and from English:

German into English

Source: Jemand hat heute über diese Männer gewacht.
Old: Someone woke up about these men today.
New: Someone watched over these men today.

Chinese into English

Source: ??????????????
Old: There are many damaged homes and vehicles in the AREA.
New: A number of homes and vehicles have been damaged in the area.

These improvements are now live on all Microsoft Translator apps, add-ins, Office, Translator for Bing, and through the Azure Cognitive Services Translator API for businesses and developers.

Source: Microsoft