Microsoft trialling Actiongram virtual reality messaging service


In June 2015 Microsoft trademarked the word and logo Actiongram, which they said was:

Computer software; operating system software; virtual reality software; computer software, namely, software for setting up, operating, configuring, and controlling wearable hardware and wearable computer peripherals

Now Microsoft has opened up a closed beta site for the service at

For those in the inner circle users are allowed to upload and browse videos which, given the virtual reality connection we assume are of the 360 degree variety.


The logo – of  a video being sent as a message, and of course the name Actiongram, suggests users will be able to send 3D virtual reality messages to each other with can be interactive in some way.

The news is even more interesting given that 360 degree video is more a virtual reality feature, while the Microsoft Hololens is of course an Augmented Reality headset, suggesting Microsoft may dip into the other stream soon also.

Of course it is not clear how useful this will be, but one day when we are all walking around with AR/VR headsets I am sure this would be very popular.

The website can be seen here.