Microsoft to introduce desktop or mobile view in Edge Sidebar

October 25, 2022
Microsoft Edge

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The Sidebar in Microsoft Edge can launch several apps and websites on the right side of your browser, thus helping you stay focused on the web pages. Now, websites in Sidebar are getting the much-needed improvement in Microsoft Edge, as spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2.

Microsoft is currently testing desktop or mobile view for sites you have added to be opened in the Edge Sidebar. If you want to dedicate less space for websites on the browser side, the mobile view option will come in handy, as it will eliminate the need for horizontal scrolls to access the entire webpage. The desktop view for websites is ideal when you have more space in the Sidebar. In Microsoft Edge Canary, you can resize the Sidebar, so it might not be that big of a deal to some.

The new “Show Mobile View” and “Show Desktop View” options are available in the ellipsis menu when you open a website in the Sidebar of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is also testing a couple of other new options in the ellipsis menu, including “Disable Touch Mode” in the mobile view and “Copy Link.”

Microsoft Edge
Image: Leopeva64-2

Microsoft is working on a new toggle on the Settings page for you to hide the forward button when not needed. When enabled, Edge will determine whether the current web page is the final one. In the present scenario, the forward button is greyed out when you no longer have any web pages coming after the current one. Once the new toggle is added, the forward button will be hidden instead of greyed out, saving space in the browser toolbar.

Credit: Leopeva64-2

These features are currently in the development phase in Edge Canary, meaning they are not available for Stable or Beta Channel Edge users. However, not everyone in Edge Canary will see these changes right now, as Microsoft seems to be testing them with select users. Microsoft is also testing the screenshot feature in the Drop pane, and new filtering options for the Edge browser. These functionalities have not made their way entirely into the browser, either.

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