Microsoft To-Do beta update for Android brings Planner integration

Microsoft today released a new beta update for Microsoft To-Do app in Google Play Store. This new update brings Planner integration using which To-Do users with access to Planner will be able to see tasks they’ve been assigned in Planner within To-Do. These tasks will be displayed in a new “Assigned to me” list in To-Do, and will also be included in To-Do task database. Yes, this is an optional feature. If you want this integration, you have to first opt-in.

This update also fixes following issues:

– Ensure cursor position is at the end when editing multiple steps
– Autosave steps when tapping dates/other steps
– Do not change reminder time when a recurrence is added
– Accessibility: Scroll search results as user gets to the bottom of list
– Ensure Flagged setting is shown correctly after confirmation dialog is dismissed
– Sign out state after last user signed out

Download the update from Google Play Store here.