Microsoft to announce Q1 2020 financial results on Oct. 23


10, 2019

Microsoft yesterday announced that it will publish 2020 first-quarter financial results on Oct. 23rd. As always, results will be available after the close of the market. During last earnings call, Microsoft mentioned that they expect another strong commercial quarter. In 2020 overall, Microsoft expects double digit revenue and operating income growth. Microsoft provided the following segment guidance for Q1 2020 fiscal year:

  • In Productivity and Business Processes, we expect revenue between $10.7 and $10.9 billion driven by double digit growth in Office commercial, Dynamics, and LinkedIn.
  • In Intelligent Cloud, we expect revenue between $10.3 and $10.5 billion. In Azure, revenue growth will continue to reflect a balance of strong growth in our consumption-based business and moderating growth in our per-user business. Our on-premises server business will be driven by demand for our hybrid solutions and premium offerings, as well as the continued benefit from the end of support for SQL Server and Windows Server 2008.
  • In More Personal Computing, we expect revenue between $10.7 and $11 billion. In Windows, overall OEM revenue growth should be slightly ahead of the PC market driven by healthy commercial demand.
  • Surface revenue will decline slightly year over year driven by product lifecycle transitions.
  • Search ex TAC revenue growth should be roughly in line with Q4.
  • And in Gaming, we expect revenue to decline year over year at a similar rate to Q4 as we move thru the end of this console generation and a challenging Xbox software and services comparable from a third party title in the prior year.

Source: Microsoft

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