Microsoft testing new Bing integration in the Windows 10 Photos app

We recently reported that Microsoft is testing a new name for albums in the Photos app for Windows 10. The company renamed Albums to Stories in the Photos app for some Windows 10 users, but it’s also testing a new Bing integration.

We’ve received┬ámultiple tips from users who have the new Bing integration, along with some screenshots. The Bing integration essentially adds a Bing tab to the Photos app, and clicking on it will let you search for images on Bing. And that’s about it.

The Bing integration in the Photos app is a bit pointless, as it doesn’t even let you import a photo from Bing search to your actual Photos so that you could view it offline. But the only feature provided by the Bing integration at the moment is the ability to search and view photos from Bing.

Microsoft may expand the integration in the future to make the integration much richer in terms of features. At the moment, it’s just a web wrapper that shows so it’s really useless as you could just open up on a browser to search for images.

Redmond seems to be A/B testing the new Bing tab for Windows 10 PCs at the moment, and you might be able to get it by updating the Microsoft Photos app from the Windows Store below.

Microsoft Fotos
Microsoft Fotos
Price: Free

Thanks for the tips, everyone! Especial thanks to MohammadMSFT for the screenshots.

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