Microsoft might be replacing Albums with Stories in the Windows 10 Photos app

Microsoft is currently testing a version of the Windows 10 Photos app for some insiders that swaps out the Albums tab with a new Stories Tab.

The update to the app doesn’t add any new capabilities, it instead replaces the world Album with Stories throughout the app.

It is possible the firm is testing the scenario to see if users engage more with the app. In older photo gallery apps, the Album view was simply a folder view which presented Photos as they were organised.

Album view – or Stories as it may become – allows you to build a virtual cloud based album that syncs across all your devices either via the Windows Photos app or the iOS/Android OneDrive app.

Microsoft is trying to improve engagement with its Windows 10 apps, not simply trying to get users to use them – but to get users to take advantage of the attached cloud services. Only time will tell if they can be successful.

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