[Update: Or not] Microsoft teases the Surface Book 2 hinge

Update: It seems like this may just be the original Surface Book:


Original article follows below.

The official Surface Instagram account today posted the above image few hours back. Anyone can tell that this is a Surface Book keyboard by seeing the design and layout of the keys. Yes, the hinge appears to be different from the current Surface Book and I thought it must be from old marketing material.

Windows Central has now reported that this image is from the Surface Book 2 marketing material inside Microsoft.

I can confirm that the image posted (it’s not a photo) is from an internal Microsoft ‘sizzler’ reel meant to demonstrate some ideas for the new Surface Book 2. The video has recently been shown within Microsoft’s various departments and meetings starting in July, and multiple people can confirm seeing the video where this image originates.

Recently, we also reported that the upcoming Surface Book 2 device may feature different hinge design and it won’t have a hinge gap like the current Surface Book device.